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Titan is a remarkably versatile system that can be used by lawyers in a number of ways. In this post, we give some examples.

What you can do with titan

Welcome to our guide on Titan Lawyer, the latest advancement in Australian legal technology. This post will give you a first-hand look into how Titan Lawyer is transforming the work of legal professionals.

Here’s some of what Titan Lawyer offers:

Contract Review:

Increase Quality, Increase Effectiveness
  • Function: Rapidly sift through contracts, identifying potential pitfalls seamlessly.
  • Unique Selling Point (USP): Think of Titan as a vigilant collaborator. It spots nuances you might miss.
  • How-To: Navigate to ‘Lawyer’, opt for ‘Contract Review’. Upload the document in Word or PDF.


Case Summarisation:

Be a Thought Leader, Be Informed
  • Function: Extract key points from intricate cases without the tedious reading.
  • USP: Need instant case summaries for client briefs? Or to keep abreast with legal trends? Titan’s got you covered.
  • How-To: Go to ‘Lawyer’, choose ‘Summarise a case’. Drag in a PDF or input the URL.


Proposal Creation:

Win Business, Be More Efficient
  • Function: Craft compelling, client-specific proposals in a jiffy.
  • USP: Speed is of the essence. Outpace competitors with tailored proposals. One-size-fits-all is passé.
  • How-To: Click ‘Project Manager’, then ‘Generate a Proposal’. Input a potential scope summary or simply type in.


Project Planning:

Delight Your Clients, Manage Matters Effectively
  • Function: Streamline all legal undertakings, from deadline oversight to task handling.
  • USP: Moving from proposal greenlight to actionable plan? A robust project plan not only charts your course but impresses clients with clear deliverables.
  • How-To: Choose ‘Project Specialist’. Enter details in the text box or upload a document, like an engagement letter, to elucidate the project’s scope. Modify results as you see fit.



Analyse Long Documents, Produce Client Updates
  • Function: Use the ‘Text Query’ feature to upload extensive documents and instruct Titan on desired actions.
  • USP: Received an intricate guideline from an authority? Upload and direct Titan to conjure a detailed summary, complete with quotations. Perfect for client advisories, especially with industry-specific recommendations.
  • How-To: Use the ‘Text Query’ function.

For example, where a draft guideline is published by a regulator, we upload the guideline and ask Titan to ‘generate a comprehensive summary, including quotes for use by our business as a client update including a list of recommendations for clients in the [insert] industry.’

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Titan does not remove the need to review the output or the document you are working on. For example, when it comes to contract review, you must review the contract as you normally would. What Titan does do is identify points or issues that you, or a junior lawyer working for you, may have missed. In this regard, Titan improves the quality of the work that is done.

No, here is a list of things that Titan can do that ChatGPT cannot:

  1. Allow you to export answers directly into Word and into a document with your letterhead
  2. Allow you to analyse inputs and documents of almost any length. 
  3.  Remove the need for ‘prompt engineering’
  4. Generate useful output for Australian lawyers.

We find that we are approximately 20-30 per cent more efficient in the work we do. This enables us to work with more clients and to work on projects that are more interesting to us.