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From simplifying intricate regulatory frameworks to streamlining processes for improved accuracy, Titan has been instrumental in our journey. Its ability to anticipate a wide array of potential outcomes during contract or law formulation has offered us crucial insights, allowing us to make necessary adjustments and address unexpected scenarios.

Compliance Quarter is a professional services business that provides compliance support for energy businesses operating in Australia and around the world. This article explains how Compliance Quarter uses Titan in its day to day business.

Titan has been invaluable for our business Compliance Quarter with the development of client proposals and project plans and in review of proposed changes to the regulatory framework. Titan works alongside our professional staff, who now have more time to focus on core work and on solving problems.

We decided to implement Titan in our business to:

  • Simplify complex regulatory frameworks for clients.
  • Streamline processes and improve accuracy through innovative solutions.
  • Keep up with ever-changing regulations.
  • Enable clients to focus on core business while maintaining compliance.
  • Minimize risks and contribute to sustainable business practices.
  • Demonstrate our dedication to technology for responsible and successful business outcomes.

Review of proposed regulatory changes

Titan allows you to upload a contract or a proposed regulatory reform and be presented with a list of ‘unintended consequences.’ For contracts this is akin to ‘stress testing.’ Titan systematically reviews a large range of potential outcomes and scenarios and considers how the proposed contract or law would deal with each outcome or scenario.

The power of Titan in this respect is in its capacity to consider such a wide range of potential outcomes. The benefit to a professional of this capacity is that they can identify changes needed in the document to address those situations that were not considered by the drafters of the document.

Titan’s capacity to review regulatory changes is extraordinary when it comes to submissions to regulatory and government authorities. We use Titan to review proposed changes to the regulatory framework from the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) and the Essential Services Commission (ESC).

You can review examples of submissions we have developed alongside Titan here.

Generation of project plans

We also use Titan to generate project plans for the work we do for energy retail and other clients. Titan reviews the proposed scope of work, generates a list of deliverables, risks to the project and measures of success for the project.

Titan allows users to export output directly into a word document (on letterhead). For Compliance Quarter, this saves us considerable time and effort and ensures consistency in output. Of course, we review the output from Titan and make appropriate changes but we benefit from the time saved and the recommendations of Titan.


For Compliance Quarter, Titan offers tangible benefits being integrated into the business and used by our professional staff. For us, it has clearly defined how generative AI will augment the work of professional services over time.