Accessible, available, useful Generative AI developed by and for Lawyers and other Professionals. 

Titan allows you to get unique insights into documents you ask it to review such as regulatory proposals, contracts, and drafts. It also generates documents such as proposals and project plans.

Titan saves you from searching for insights so that you can solve client problems. 

Now, back to Spellbook. I have signed up for early access and have found that Spellbook does some of the things that Titan does, but from what I can see — not as well.

Key Features


We’ve built security into our products. Security is non-negotiable. We don’t save or store any of the information you feed into or generate from either Titan System. Guardian stores files securely using AWS.


There is no long onboarding process with our tools, they are intuitive and you can be up and running in minutes not days.


We are careful to point out where you can use or rely on our tools and where you cannot. They are designed to act as assistants, they speed up work they don’t replace it.


We are careful with who we give access to- we only want qualified an experienced users but we also want to make our tools accessible to as many as possible.

Used by...

Private Firm

Titan effectively addresses the challenges private firm lawyers face, managing a large case-load with limited resources and time available to conduct quality checks. 

Titan is being used by lawyers in private firms to review draft advice, to analyse contracts and identify edge cases. 

When you implement Titan in your firm, you will gain access to an on-demand resource that will improve the quality of your work and your client’s satisfaction.


For in-house lawyers grappling with time constraints, complex case management, and financial predictability, Titan offers a versatile solution.

Its ability to integrate seamlessly and generate documents ensures operational efficiency, while AI-enabled project planning tackles workflow complexities. Quickly and efficiently develop process and policy documents and training material using Titan.

By eliminating the need for ‘prompt engineering’ and ensuring secure practices, Titan directly addresses the unique challenges faced by in-house lawyers.

Other Professional

Titan proves to be an invaluable asset for a range of professionals beyond the legal field. Whether it’s managing project timelines, estimating costs, or generating crucial documentation, Titan’s seamless integration and AI capabilities make complex tasks manageable.

Its ability to bypass the need for intricate ‘prompt engineering’ simplifies workflow, while its robust security measures provide peace of mind. Titan stands as a versatile, reliable tool, revolutionizing how professionals handle their day-to-day operations.

Bloody hell, what a weapon!
Compliance Manager
Property Developer
An easy-to-use tool that assists me by providing high-confidence answers to both simple and more complex questions
Compliance Manager
Energy Retailer
Your product continues to Amaze!
In-house Lawyer
Software business
I was blown away by what it could do. It was very accurate at identifying missing clauses and making recommendations on areas that can be improved.
Senior Lawyer
Law Firm
Documents Generated
Documents Reviewed