Titan Lawyer: Legal Technology Solutions for 2021 and Beyond

What's Possible

We are only scratching the surface when it comes to the promise of legal technology. Legal technology offers the potential to improve the lives of lawyers, to scale the offering of law firms, and to improve access to justice. 

We are passionate about the development of our systems given the potential they have to help everybody.  

It is time that legal service providers evolve at the same pace as the clients and industries they serve.  

What We Offer

Titan Contract Review

Titan Lawyer has two key objectives: To move contracts into dynamic working documents and to manage contractual risk. It achieves this by automatically identifying risks and tasks within contracts allowing you to understand where you stand with your contracts.

Titan Doc- Gen

If you are looking for a solution that involves more than merge fields, get in touch. We have developed an advanced and secure automation system that can connect to APIs. Example: generate a contract whose contents are determined by a credit check conducted on a counterparty- all instantaneously. 

Consulting to Lawyers

We’re uniquely position to ensure that your legal operation is functioning to the best of its capacity. If you are interested in legal tech and want to talk to people who have lived in the sector for 12 years, get in touch.

Email beta@titanlawyer.ai to sign up

What others say...

Lawyers who have reviewed our systems?

Actual working systems are thin on the ground in Australia, and the progress that Titan is showing by focusing on what lawyers need to know, is  extremely encouraging.

- Pricing For Titan -

Titan Basic

Low volume users
Call Us Monthly
  • Chose 5 Contract Types
  • Generate 10 Contracts a Month
  • Includes Document Storage & Version Control
Coming soon

Titan Lawyer

Next level legal services
Call Us Monthly
  • Generate 1000 Contracts a Month
  • Review up to 20 Contracts a Month
  • Unlimited Document Storage & VersionControl
  • Key Account Manager & SLAs
Coming Soon

Titan Premium

White Label Solution
Call Us
  • Uncapped Document Review and Generation
  • Unlimited Document Storage & VersionControl
  • Key Account Manager & SLAs
  • White Label and Custom URL

How We Work

Customised and off the shelf solutions for lawyers who want to evolve.

Upfront Pricing

Our pricing is transparent and tied to value not process. We offer fixed SaaS licence and custom development project with payment on delivery.

Anytime Service

Our solutions and experts are available on-demand. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver and to exceed our client's expectations

Qualified Experts

Our team includes lawyers, developers and machine learning spcialists. We have the breadth of experience to ensure that we can tackle any task you send our way.